White area : the series will be entitled to a season 3 ?

The polar accents fantastic France 2 ends tonight with three new episodes. With audiences more disappointing than his first season, the series has a chance to be offered a sequel ? White area ends tonight on France 2 at the end of three (short) weeks of diffusion. More dark and less focused polar than its previous season, the creation of the franco-belgian designed by Mathieu Missoffe is part of a good registry more cleaving the police series in which the viewers of France Televisions are accustomed to. Is this the reason for which the series has not seen its hearings will take off for its return to the antenna, in spite of a casting and an aesthetic that is neat and solid qualities of narrative ? Only 1.9 million of the faithful gathered in front of the station for its first evening of broadcast, or 9% of audience share, compared to $ 3 million for the launch of season 1 in 2017 (12.4% of PDA). The second evening was even lower, with 1.8 million viewers (7.6 per cent). A disappointing score for a season 2 that doubles yet ambition, and despite the success of the series internationally, now available on Amazon Prime under the title “Black Spot”. With the recent reorganization of the department of the fiction of France Télévisions, in which Anne Holmes has succeeded Takis Candilis, following the creation of a directorate “transerve” which includes now the fiction in French and international co-productions but also the designs of digital, many programs may find themselves on the hot seat to focus on european co-productions on a larger scale (especially with the ZDF and RAI) to compete with the platforms. Met at the festival of creations television of Luchon in early February, the producer of White Area, Vincent Mouluquet, remained optimistic : “I’m going to be transparent : the time of the creators and the time of the diffusers are not the same. There are some time so many mutations that escape us on all channels ! We, we’re trying to focus, to ensure that the work that we do is the strongest, most beautiful, most relevant, and you bet on the fact that the people in place at the time where we should meet, will be able to see the quality of the work. Because otherwise you get out more ! It is more in the work. The visual of the poster, which is very offensive, it is a proposal of the designer for France Télévisions, which opens the door to us to push the walls, refine things, to go further… there is also a season 2 for our interlocutors to France Télévisions. It is necessary to move forward with sincerity, and be in the present time, and once again concentrate on work.” For a series of “niche” as a White Area, being visible in the world on a platform of SVOD as Amazon is all the more important in the eyes of his creator : “It strengthens us in the idea that there is reason to do what we’re doing because people compare us to the series to which one wants to be compared. Some recognize that it is part of a family of series, fantastic, super varied, and with a level of quality where you want to be, and that is exactly what we want,” says Mathieu Missoffe. Remains to be seen if positive feedback reviews and a nice success in terms of international sales, will be sufficient to France 2 to allow its creator to continue to explore Villefranche and its mysteries… White Area : that is the season 2 ?

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Red Sonja : it’s official: Bryan Singer is not the director of the film
Grey’s Anatomy season 15 : Meredith refuses to choose between DeLuca and Link in the teaser of episode 12

Chucky : the doll of blood come back to series on Syfy

The rumour of a series on “Chucky” is definitively confirmed : the doll evil will be back on the small screen more than thirty years after its first appearance in the film. It’s going to bleed ! Universal Pictures Germany It is ultimately the Syfy channel, which has won the competition and won the broadcast rights for the series of Chucky (Child’s Play: The Series), which will be headed by its original creator, Don Mancini. Deadline , who announced the news, also reports his comments dated Tuesday 29 January 2019 : “I have long desired to adapt Chucky on tv, and Syfy is the network perfect for us. The program will be an update of the franchise, allowing us to explore the character of Chucky with a depth that only the small screen allows thanks to the serial format. And while remaining faithful to the original idea, which is terrorizing now the public for three decades.” Don Mancini wrote the seven feature films starring the doll demonic, and possessed by the serial killer fictional Charles Lee Ray. He also directed the last three episodes : The Son of Chucky (2004) Curse of Chucky (2013) and The Return of Chucky (2017). The first film of the saga, child’s Play, was released in 1988, directed by Tom Holland. Chucky : the terrifying doll will also have the right to its remake on the big screen ! June 22, 2018, Don Mancini already published a tweet to announce the conversion of its franchise film series, produced by David Kirschner and Nick Antosca. The actor Brad Dourif, who lends her voice to the doll since the first feature-length film, is expected to resume service for the occasion. Deadline states that the acquisition of the franchise Chucky by the Syfy channel would be part of an overall strategy to unite the fans of big brands that are already installed, as with the series Krypton. Find Chucky in our Top 5 toys that it would have better been left in their box Top 5 Emissions Bonus

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Plus belle la vie : what you can expect in the episode 3748 of the Wednesday 6 march 2019 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… While Sacha is plagued by guilt, She decides to confront Ferri; Mila does not return to its rupture; Franck was struggling to manage his pet. Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3 ! Victory faces Ferri Luna barely out of the coma. For Gabriel, this is not a good sign. While everyone is concerned for her, Sacha is plagued by guilt. If he had not begged Luna to come and testify against Ferri, she would have been spared. During this time, Victory receives a message from Ferri giving him an appointment in a secluded place. For it and Nebout, that’s for sure, she wants to get rid of it, now that his right arm was discontinued etr it a big risk if it is stopped. Patrick promises to Win It the joined at night, and Ferri holds it in plays. But Victory manages to snatch the weapon out of the hands and the tip on it. The gun goes and Ferri collapses… Valère refuses the pardon With the agreement of Joan, Mila is wearing a pale for not to go to class, overwhelmed to have betrayed Valère and have killed their fledgling relationship. For its part, Valero is inflexible; by discovering that his mother left him food and money in front of him, he earns by refusing his help. However, he expresses his regret at having been violent with her so that she is freed against his will. In high school, Theo confronts him and accuses him of hurting Mila, to which Valerius replies that he has just left after taking her virginity… Frank doesn’t know what to make of Madison as Franck and Cécile think finally spend a quiet moment together, a Gabriel in fury arrives and interrupts their lunch in love to start him with an ultimatum : if he does not shut up his bitch during the day, he will take care of that. He can no longer sleep between his guards as the animal makes too much noise. Convinced that it is the loneliness that disrupts Madison, Franck tries to take it discreetly to the movies with Celine. Just lost, they are out of the room because the dog starts barking in the middle of the session !


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Grey’s Anatomy season 15 : family reunion at the Shepherd in the teaser for the episode 21
Plus belle la vie : summary what you can expect in the episode 3772 Tuesday 9 April 2019 [SPOILERS]

Blacklist Redemption : the spin-off finally programmed in France… but not on TF1

While Blacklist continues its road on TF1, the series derived around the character of Tom Keen will soon be aired in france. And this is not TF1, which is in charge of the programming of the “Blacklist Redemption” but serieclub. serieclub, pay tv channel owned in equal shares in TF1 and M6, will host, from Thursday 18 April at 20: 50, Blacklist : Redemption, the spin-off of the original series with James Spader and Megan Boone. This show, centered around the character of Tom Keene, had been introduced in a two-part episode of season 3 ” (3.21 &3.22) of the Blacklist aired in France on TF1 in September 2016. Famke Janssen there appeared then for the first time in the skin of the enigmatic Susan “Scottie” Hargrave. At the head of the company Halcyon Aegis, which serves as a cover for his operations, para-military risky, it turns out to be the mother of Tom, the husband of Elizabeth Keen. Ryan Eggold, the interpreter of the young man in question, leaving in effect the original series to incorporate full-time of the spin-off. For Redemption, Tom joins his mother in the hope of revealing shadows of his past and discover what really happened to his father. Will he be able to redeem his past actions by helping those who undertake to carry out perilous missions ? Blacklist renewed : a season 7 for the series with Jame Spader Blacklist : Redemption was broadcast between February and April 2017 on the screens in US. The short first season of 8 episodes has not met its audience, and the production decides to put an end to it. As to Ryan Eggold, who was away from home during a few episodes of the series-mother, he reappears at the end of season 4… to finally leave the Blacklist in season 5. And for good reason, the actor has landed the lead role in the new drama medical called New Amsterdam. Since the fall of 2018, he embodies Dr. Max Goodwin, who is appointed director of a large hospital in Manhattan. Determined to make things right, the young doctor tries to rebooster teams. His new responsibilities as a manager will prove to be much more complicated that it should be fought in parallel against the cancer that corrodes it. The series, which aired soon on TF1, has already been renewed ! The Blacklist: Redemption – season 1 TV SPOT VO "Dangerous"

Plus belle la vie : what you can expect in the episode 3741 Monday 25 February 2019 [SPOILERS]
Netflix : after The Irishman, Martin Scorsese is preparing a second film to the platform

Tonight on tv : matt "Gilda" and "The Sicilian Clan"

You don’t know what to watch tonight ? The Drafting of AlloCiné shows you the movies and series on tv. In the program : a thriller cult of Henri Verneuil, a film noir with Rita Hayworth, and the first film by Michel Boujenah. “Allowed to watch” The Sicilian Clan by Henri Verneuil with Jean Gabin, Lino Ventura (France 3, 21h) : “In the French cinema of the 1960s, there were two ways, equally honourable to understand the polar. One, cold and implacable, that we owe to Melville, and the other, more spectacular, and popular, which has been the trademark of Verneuil. Reflected in this “Clan of the Sicilians” which marks a decisive turning point in the conceptualization of organized crime. The passing of a logical group, of family, with its codes, its rules and its articles of association to a form that is more individualistic, spirited, one might say sixties to stick to the spirit of the time. A black film major and ambitious, therefore, served majestically and humbly by a trio of holy monsters (Gabin, Delon, Ventura).” Guillaume Martin Gilda trailer VO Gilda by Charles Vidor with Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford (Arte, 20h55) : “Work that led to Rita Hayworth to its reputation as a sex symbol, “Gilda” is a film noir that draws its pin from the play by the symbolic sexual he emerges and the ambiguity of the relationships between its characters. But this variation around the friendship, the desire and the ambition is especially essential for the figure of the femme fatale pulled by its lead actress. The sensuality of Hayworth culminates in the scene of dance now worship, and, while removing a glove, she sings “Put the Blame on Mame”. A sequence that in itself justifies to discover this classic.” Emilie Schneider, Father and son trailer VF Father and son of Michel Boujenah, Philippe Noiret, Charles Berling (TV5 World, 21h) : “For its first realization, Michel Boujenah delivers a tender family comedy about a father aging who tries everything to reconnect with his three sons. The quartet embarks then for an animated stay in Canada. Philippe Noiret played with brio this patriarch, soft and slightly a liar, although well-intentioned. In front of him, the trio, Charles Berling, Bruno Putzulu, Pascal Elbé exudes a harmony and a sympathy contagious. A feel-good movie that is refreshing.” Caroline Langlois “Permitted to speak” And otherwise, among all the movies that are coming this evening, what is your favorite ? What are you going to watch this Monday, march 04 ? To find all programs, go directly to the grid by clicking here.

"The result of Returning to my mother’s house will be called A tower with my daughter…"
Grey’s Anatomy-season 15 : the teaser promises that the episode 11 will be the strongest of the season