Love, Death + Robots : Netflix responds to the controversy around the order of episodes

The animated series from David Fincher and Tim Miller, which is available since last Friday on Netflix, is the subject of a great deal of controversy about the order of episodes, which varies according to subscribers to the platform… based on their sexuality ! Netflix The animated series Netflix Love, Death + Robots, signed Tim Miller (Deadpool) and David Fincher, that is no longer, is composed of 8 short of animation are not recommended for sensitive souls, devoted in particular to u n yogurt likely, soldiers, wolf-beasts, robots, rampaging monsters-bins or even spiders, aliens. These episodes that last between 5 and 15 minutes are at the heart of a polemic on Twitter by Lukas Thoms, co-founder of the association Out in Tech, which has the ambition to unite the societies LGBTQ+ and technology companies. According to him, the order would change according to the sex of subscribers to the platform ! “I have just discovered the most amazing. The order of the episodes of the new series of Netflix Love, Death + Robots changes depending if Netflix think that you are gay or straight.” he writes on his account. A message shared that has attracted the attention of the platform. She was quick to respond : “We have never released series, such as Love, Death + Robots so we’re trying something completely different : we offer the episodes in four different orders. The version you see has nothing to do with gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation, information which we do even not have access to.” We’ve never had a show like Love, Death & Robots before so we’re trying something completely new: a presenting four different episode orders. The version you’re shown has nothing to do with gender, ethnicity, or sexual identity — info we don’t even have in the first place.— Netflix US (@netflix) March 19, 2019
This should, in principle, to extinguish a fire that have probably never had to be turned on.
The series is available since last Friday on Netflix : Love, Death + Robots – season 1 trailer VF

Aquaman 2 : the blockbuster DC already has a release date

Warner is not afraid of Disney and the fact know, placing the release of”Aquaman 2″ face an “Untitled Live-Action Movie” that the studio big ears had propped December 16, 2022. 2018 WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT INC. Aquaman 2 will be released for Christmas 2022 ! Stalled at the 16 December, the film on the super-hero of the seas of the universe DC Comics will face a feature-length live-action of the company Disney. Probably an adaptation to live from a previous cartoon. It is a big gamble financially for Warner since movies live Disney as Aquaman first of the name are all the two franchises that have exceeded the billion revenue at the box office. And one imagines that only one of the two will forge itself into the lion’s share in December 2022. It is unknown at this point if James Wan will return to the creation of this second opus but according to THR , negotiations are ongoing. In addition, David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, who had co-authored the script of the first film will return to the writing of the new adventures of the king of Atlantis. Jason Momoa is returning to his role of Arthur Curry / Aquaman. A spin-off of Aquaman is already in development, with a focus on “The Trench” (the Trench) which was one of the impressive scenes of the film. Be that as it may, we find that Warner did not let fall the momentum that the film James Wan has brought to the DCEU and you can count on ads next on his other films. Aquaman had come to visit FanZone : Fanzone Emissions d'Actu

The best 3 films of the week according to the press (16.01.2019)

To help you make your choice, here are the 3 movies of the week best rated by the press on AlloCiné ! 1 : Glass average Rating press* : 3.5 / 5 Glass M. Night Shyamalan average Rating of the press : 3,5 Sessions Critical Press Critical spectators
“The first thing that strikes you here is the amazing frontality of the staging. “Glass” seems to look at us. Right in the eyes. As through a mirror without the silvering that would be the web of film stretched in front of us. “By Jacky Goldberg (Les Inrockuptibles) “Visually, Glass delivers on its promise. Too bad this is in the service of a narrative that is quite laborious. The film is not a bad conclusion, but with Unbreakable head of the line, we expected may to be better, especially now that we know M. Night Shyamalan is capable. “By Allan Blanvillain (The Journal of Geek) 2nd : The Amazing story of the Postman Cheval average Rating press* : 3.24 / 5
L'the Incredible story of the Factor Horse From Nils Tavernier average Rating of the press : 3,2 Sessions Critical Press Critical spectators

“This project called for an actor great, believable in a character taiseux, unsuited to the world of men. It is, paradoxically, Jacques Gamblin, usually attached to dance to his body, and managed to make deeply moving performance. “By The Editorial Staff (Paris)
“The film is like its central character : quiet and engaging, keeping the emotions at a distance and never dodge. It finds its beauty in the mystery that continues to surround the ideal Palate of the factor Horse. “By Corinne Renou-Nativel (The Cross) 3rd : Ben Is Back average Rating press* : 3.17 / 5 Ben Is Back By Peter Hedges average Rating of the press : 3,1 Sessions Critical Press Critical spectators

“Between family drama, horror and thriller, “Ben is Back” to observe with accuracy the self-destruction affecting violently the entourage. Worn by Julia Roberts and Lucas Hedges, impressive. ” by Isabelle Danel (Bande à part )
“A gripping drama, a tragedy of contemporary american unknown to the French, which allows Julia Roberts to deliver one of his most beautiful compositions. The actress is masterful. ” – by Frédéric Mignard ( * According to notes media barometer-AlloCiné, on the date of Friday 18 January 2019, and for movies released January 16, with at least 10 reviews.